ups - uninterrupted power supplyUninterruptible power supply is used to prevent malfunction of electrical sensitive devices and to continue operation in case of mains interruptions or mains voltage imbalances. There are 2 types UPSs, line interactive and online.

High frequency PWM and IGBT technology at online UPS. With this sign, it can easily operate any load (linear, nonlinear).

Although standard UPSs have a backup capacity of 3-10 minutes when the power fails, this time can be extended according to the demand from the users.

While 1/1 and 3/1 UPS types are used in houses and offices, 3/3 types are mostly used in industry.

Please contact us for detailed information about rack and industrial type uninterruptible power supplies.

1/1 Phase Uninterruptible power supply

High frequency PWM technology, real sine wave output on-line ups. The IGBT modules used in the inverter unit enable the uninterruptible power supply to be …

3/1 Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply

Especially used in industrial sectors. It is an on-line UPS that provides true sine wave output produced by high frequency PWM technique. Microprocessor control with UPS output voltage …

3/3 Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply

Microprocessor controlled rectifier unit with 12 pulse technique and high quality dc signal is obtained. They have 3 phase input and 3 phase output. Produced with PWM and IGBT technology, exit sign …