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Statik Regülatör (600 KVA)
Static Stabilizer

Static Stabilizer, especially developed for sensitive devices, are microprocessor controlled regulators manufactured with semiconductor materials.

30-100 KVA Servo regülatör -12x16
Servo Regulators

Servo Regulators, designed to eliminate the distorting effects of mains voltage, ensure that the system is supplied with stable voltage…

110V-30A Akü şarj redresörü-12x16

Rectifiers; It is used for power supply, supply and charging of Devices that operate with the DC current or DC voltage.

20 KVA Oto Trafo

The transformers, which are made of completely siliceous steel, have high efficiency and H0 class enameled copper wires are used in their windings.

3KVA - 48VDC220VAC İnvertör-12x16

ARTSAN Energy quality assurance inverters produced by using PWM and IGBT technology give full sine output. All types

Regüleli ve Manuel kontrollü DC ve AC test cihazı
Test Units

Automatic test units are microprocessor controlled and output voltage is regulated in case of network change and load change …

Kesintisiz Güç Kaynağı (20 kVA)-12x16

1/1 Phase, 3/1 Phase, 3/3 Phase uninterruptible power supplies, Online and Line Interactive uninterruptible power supplies solutions…

Frekans Konvertörü (10 kVA 50Hz-60 Hz)-12x16

Frequency converters are used to operate machines that are incompatible with the welding frequency. ARTSAN Brand frequency …

SMPS akü şarj redresörü

It is used to obtain the required DC voltage from a battery-like DC source with a different voltage. SMPS technology ..

Motor Hız kontrol cihazları-12x16
Motor Speed Control

They are used for asynchronous motor speed control. Programmable. Soft start and soft stop.

Ozel redresör-12x16
Custom Project

In addition to standard products, our R & D team of experienced engineers and technicians can design products tailored to the needs of the user ….



For the power electronics products that our customers need, on-site exploration is carried out and appropriate electronics…


Technical Services

Our team of expert engineers and technicians in the field of after-sales installation, commissioning and technical service .. 


R & D Services

As ARTSAN ENERJİ, we also provide R & D and engineering services specifically for corporations. In addition to the standard products ..